One-to-one Consultations:

I am available to visit you in your own home if you live in Wicklow, South Dublin and North Wexford areas weekdays by arrangement, in the evenings or weekends.  During weekdays, I can visit you at home if you live in or near Dublin City centre, Dublin 7 and adjacent areas. 
If you prefer, you may visit me at my home in Wicklow by arrangement.  I am also available to do Skype consultations.  

I have a particular interest in ankyglossia (tongue-tie) along with sleep and attachment.  

Presentations and workshops on Lactation issues such as:

  • breastfeeding anatomy and physiology
  • breastfeeding and the workplace
  • breastfeeding and medications
  • breastfeeding in special situations - mother and infant
  • breastfeeding support 
  • and many other topics

Ante-Natal Breastfeeding Sessions - covering:

  • What can breastfeeding do for me as a new mother?
  • What to expect when baby arrives
  • Exploring what it might be like to breastfeed
  • What will breastfeeding my baby involve?
  • Where to find support after baby is born 

Sessions provide expectant mothers a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment to ask questions and get accurate information on breastfeeding.  Please contact me for further information on session dates, time and venue.

If you prefer, one-to-one sessions can be held in your own home.  

Breastfeeding Research and Presentations:

I am available to provide presentations to a wide range of audiences on breastfeeding-related topics and research.

I have carried out work on preparation of publications relating to breastfeeding, specifically in the area of referencing. 

My son Conor at 4 months.

My son Conor at 4 months.