Pierre Robin Sequence (sometimes referred to as syndrome)

If a baby has Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS), the jaw is underdeveloped and many mothers are told that they can't breastfeed (or even bottlefeed the usual way) - but some can depending on severity. Mothers can 'exclusively breastfeed' if they wish by pumping their milk and using 'expressed breast milk' known as EBM.  This does take time and effort for the mother, but mothers have done it and continue to do so.  Another alternative is mixed feeding where mother uses a combination of her own milk and alternatives to breastmilk.  It is not an 'all or nothing' situation as mothers need to balance their own needs and family circumstances to do what they can.  As the face and jaw develops, it may become easier for baby to feed either at the breast or from a bottle but this may take up to two years for some babies. The following links may be useful for this sequence and other facial conditions. PRS often comes with associated conditions as baby gets older.  . The KellyMom article has links to this topic and other sources on alternative feeding methods too.  http://www.lalecheleague.org/lllea.../lv/lvoctnov01p111.html.  http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/feeding-tools/alternative-feeding/